Visibility for Vaccines (ViVa) UNICEF


The purpose of the assessment was to assess and document the results and lessons learned from implementation of Visibility for Vaccines (ViVa). The assessment was designed to inform the planning of further development and roll-out of the tool and identification of the level of support needed by existing and future users. The assessment was also designed to support the accountability of UNICEF by taking stock of progress made and results achieved.

The geographic scope covered 26 countries currently registered in the ViVa platform at the time of the assessment. The assessment relied substantially on a purposive sample of eight countries (from the 26), representing 30% of all ViVa users, for deeper analysis. These countries included Afghanistan, Kosovo, Madagascar, Mongolia, Niger, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Uganda, and Zambia.

The assessment team employed a mixed methods approach including both primary qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis and triangulated the information drawn from each method by consolidating them through use of an assessment matrix.

The team presented the results of the assessment report at a recommendations workshop at UNICEF Supply Division.