UNFPA Supplies Midterm Evaluation

Lao People's Democratic Republic
Sierra Leone

EHG was contracted to carry out a midterm evaluation of the UNFPA Supplies Programme (formerly referred to as the Global Programme to Enhance Reproductive Health Commodity Security).

It was commissioned by the independent Evaluation Office of UNFPA in order to provide donors and other stakeholders with an independently verified overview of the effectiveness of the Supplies Programme prior to its scheduled completion in 2020.

The evaluation was carried out between June 2017 and May 2018 and involved data collection at global, regional, national and local levels. The evaluation began with a comprehensive review of documents and data and included interviews with key stakeholders at all levels. Case studies examining the operation of UNFPA Supplies in nine countries were a key component of the evaluation.  

Four studies were field-based (Lao PDR, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Sudan) while five (Haiti, Madagascar, Malawi, Nepal, and Togo) were based on document reviews supplemented by telephone interview.

The evaluation concluded that UNFPA Supplies is an effective vehicle for promoting family planning as a priority intervention but that changes were needed:

- to ensure more success in broadening sustainable sources of financing;

- to better promote a human rights-based approach to contraceptive services;

- and to more effectively support efforts to strengthen national supply chains.

A comprehensive set of evaluation recommendations addressing the need for improvement in these areas was jointly developed by the evaluation team, the Evaluation Office of UNFPA and the Evaluation Reference Group.

Final report available here.