Thematic Review of Gender-Responsive Programming at Country Level

The Global Fund
Moldova, Republic of
South Africa

EHG was commissioned by the Technical Evaluation Review Group (TERG) of the Global Fund to conduct the Thematic Review of gender responsive programming at country level with focus on AGYW. The EHG team used a mixed methods approach to collecting data. Throughout the assignment the team employed both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods and analysis. Data collected were triangulated and cross-referenced for accuracy to ensure their quality. Data sources included:

• Global Fund and recipient country documents as well as external literature (over 300 documents were reviewed);

• Case study analysis: ten HIV country grants were examined in detail;

• Five countries were visited to gain a deeper understanding of gender responsive and AGYW focused programme implementation (Cameroon, Kenya, Moldova, South Africa and Eswatini);

• Gender portfolio review targeting ten additional countries – a select number of full and tailored funding requests (FRs) submitted under the current Window 1, 2018-2020 funding cycle were reviewed and compared with concept notes (CNs) submitted under the previous allocation period (2012-2016) for the same ten countries;

• Key informant interviews at global and country level: Global Fund Secretariat, Global Fund stakeholders and country stakeholders. Over 212 people were interviewed during the course of this review.

The final synthesis report with recommendations was produced and presented at the TERG meeting in Geneva.