The Global Fund CCM Linkages Assessment

The Global Fund
Papua New Guinea

The overall objective of the linkages assessment was to inform the development of an approach for long-term support to the country coordinating mechanism (CCM) to help improve CCM linkages or integration with other health sector coordination structures and platforms. The specific objectives of the linkages assessment were to:

1) Conduct a situation analysis to assess: a) the extent to which the CCM has established effective linkages with national health structures, governance bodies and coordinating platforms; and, b) the contextual factors facilitating or impeding effective CCM linkages or integration with these structures and platforms.

2) Develop initial draft options for strengthening CCM linkages with national health structures and coordinating platforms and/or integrating CCM functions with these platforms, including a general analysis of the risks and benefits associated with each option.

The methodology primarily consisted of a desk review of relevant documentation and semi-structured interviews/focus group discussions with key stakeholders at country level and at the Global Fund Secretariat (CCM Hub, Country Teams and other relevant units).

Activities conducted by the team of consultants:

- A document review prior to field mission (including linking with baseline assessment consultants)

- A field mission to interview key stakeholders at national level

- A brief Power Point presentation for the in-country debriefing meeting

- To the best extent possible and relevant to the context, proposed activities for inclusion into the work plan (section on National Linkages) of the baseline assessment tool.

- A brief summary report

- Participated in virtual briefing and debriefing meetings with other consultants as requested by the Global Fund or the TA provider.