TERG Thematic Review of Sustainability, Transition and Co-financing (STC) Policy

The Global Fund
Côte d'Ivoire
Viet Nam

In partnership with HMST, Euro Health Group conducted the Thematic Review of the Global Fund Sustainability, Transition and Co-financing policy (STC) to assess how key principles of the STC Policy have been operationalized and implemented.

The review also focused on how country programmes and stakeholders incorporated key principles and focus areas of the STC Policy into their national programmes and funding requests, including strengthening sustainability, increasing domestic financing, and preparing for transition from Global Fund financing. The team looked at the extent to which the STC Policy helped foster greater sustainability of national programmes, and how the co-financing policy supported greater domestic investment in health and strategic areas of the three diseases, including lessons learned.

Data sources included: Global Fund and recipient country documents as well as external literature, over 250 documents were reviewed; Case study analysis: ten countries of which five countries were visited to gain a deeper understanding of STC implementation.

Key informant interviews at global and country level: Global Fund Secretariat, Global Fund stakeholders and country stakeholders. Over 200 people were interviewed during the course of this review. The final report was presented at the TERG meeting in the beginning of April 2019.