Sensitization of HIV and AIDS, STI, TB and Gender for the Upgrading of Tunduru-Mangaka-Mtambaswala Road and the Dodoma-Babati Road

Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS)
Tanzania, United Republic of

Euro Health Group signed a four-year contract with Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS) for an HIV advocacy project which aimed to sensitize construction workers as well as local communities along two major road construction corridors on the issues of HIV and AIDS, STI, TB and gender.

There is a growing recognition that gender norms and gender-based violence are some of the most influential factors driving HIV transmission worldwide. Evidence shows that gender-based violence in the form of coerced sex or rape increases the risk of HIV infection for young girls and women. The road construction sector attracts a large number of migrant workers, and with global evidence on the vulnerability of construction workers to HIV and AIDS, the Government of Tanzania through TANROADS wished to increase awareness, knowledge and preventive behaviours in the communities living along the two roads projects, (sex workers, food and entertainment providers, women working on construction sites, health care providers) as well as among (migrant) construction workers and truck drivers.

EHG in partnership with Amref Health Africa conducted an initial baseline survey in the communities surrounding the road projects, and then moved on to:

- developed and implemented HIV/AIDS, STI and TB awareness and prevention programmes.

- built M&E systems including data collection tools and clear indicators for easy tracking of results for informed decision making and planning.

- built the capacity of key individuals within the construction companies and across the communities and health facilities for HIV prevention and awareness.

- helped develop an Information, Knowledge and Dissemination plan – workplace communication plan for prevention activities.