Global Fund Sustainability and Transition

The Global Fund

the main objective was to review the previous recommendation set up for procurement and supply chain management.

Assessments for readiness to transition focused on procurement and supply chain management, in particular:

- review of product prices, regulatory status/procedures, in-country accessible sources of products, availability through national procurement systems to ensure access to quality assured health products for TB and HIV grants with particular attention to the "difficult products"-small quantities/high prices

- assessment of the national procurement system including funding stream/regularity/procedures to ensure uninterrupted supply after the transition period when no back up system will be in place

The mission to Morocco was the first transition readiness assessment performed on procurement and supply chain management at country level for the Global Fund. The assessment identified key risks and formulated recommendations to support Global Fund negotiation and dialogue with the Minister of Health and other higher-level officials to prepare the future transition.

The analysis focused on identifying bottlenecks in the procurement of quality assured affordable health products, including thematic areas of policy and regulation, selection of optimal products and technologies, and sourcing options for low volume products. The assessment also identified other areas of intervention related to pricing policies, regulatory and quality assurance systems, integration in health insurance schemes, and ongoing reforms for Logistic Management Information Systems. The situation analysis and the formulation of recommendations were conducted in close collaboration with different directorates of the MOH as well as key officials in the Ministry of Finance