Evaluation of Operationalisation of Gavi’s strategy

Gavi - The Global Vaccine Alliance

This evaluation is seen as a critical step in the operationalisation/ review process of those policies and their operational modalities. To that extent, we will ensure the evaluation is grounded in examining whether the operationalisation of Gavi’s strategy model has been in line with its strategic intent. This will take into consideration how country programmes and stakeholders, as well as partners implementing grants in line with the PEF, are incorporating the key principles of the policy framework as operationalised through the funding levers and application process and whether this is fostering an improved immunisation programme/response and stronger overall political will including for domestic financing and sustainability at country level.

The evaluation is both summative (retrospective), which will look at Gavi’s experience of designing and translating programmatic policies into action at country level through the three funding levers since 2015 and formative (forward-looking), which will focus on lessons learned and recommendations intended to inform ongoing changes to Gavi’s strategy operationalisation model and Gavi’s mid-term evaluation to be completed by early 2023.

This contract is implemented in partnership with Khulisa Management Services (South Africa).