April 20, 2022

National Forum of Health Managers in Kyrgyzstan

Euro Health Group, together with the Public Foundation “Health System Initiatives, Kyrgyzstan" supported the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Association of Health Managers in organizing the National Forum of Health Managers with the aim to mobilize health managers of the country for active and systematic participation in the processes of improving health management system in Kyrgyzstan. On 28 January 2022, more than 120 health facility managers from all provinces of the Kyrgyz Republic gathered to discuss and find solutions to existing problems in the health system for better medical care to the population of the country. You can find a video from the event here.

“The National Forum is an important new platform for discussing health management problems and for developing joint solutions”, said Toktobai Maanayev, Chairperson of the Association of Health Managers’ Board. “This forum became the next step towards improving the health management system. The competence and professionalism of managers is the most important condition to improve medical care”.

“It is a first time that health facility managers across Kyrgyzstan gather together as members of the Association of Health Managers. I am very excited to be part of the Association and participate in its work that can boost the health reform process in the country”, said Talantbek Arstankulov, Director of the Osh oblast clinical hospital.

For my personal experience of working in a hospital at the start of my career, I have experienced first-hand that health managers are critical to the success. I am very proud that Switzerland can support the Ministry of Health and leaders of hospitals and clinics in this”, said Ambassador Olivier Bangerter.

Euro Health Group provided ample support to the establishment of the Association of Health Managers (AHM) in Kyrgyzstan and will continue to support the Association, during the project lifetime, in its role of empowering health managers for playing a greater role in the Kyrgyz health system and in professional development of health managers.

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