August 18, 2022

Midterm evaluation of UNFPA's Maternal Health Thematic Fund

UNFPA has now published the mid-term evaluation of the UNFPA Maternal and Newborn Health Thematic Fund (MHTF) third phase 2018-2022, successfully carried out by EHG.

The mid-term evaluation looked at MHTF global engagement and carried out six country case studies (four field studies – Benin, Sudan, Uganda and Zambia, and two desk studies – Bangladesh and Togo). Due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions an innovative, flexible approach to data collection was applied, which under the circumstances proved successful. UNFPA MHTF has taken onboard the recommendations to expand into a new phase focusing on sexual reproductive health and rights – and maternal child health integration and support, as well as positioning the MHTF within a comprehensive UNFPA maternal health strategy and action plan.

Click here for report: UNFPA Maternal and Newborn Health

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