May 10, 2022

Midterm evaluation WHO's Action Plan for polio transition

EHG is conducting a mid-term evaluation for WHO of the implementation of the Action Plan for polio transition.  

The Action Plan presents an exit strategy for phasing out polio efforts while maintaining and strengthening capacities of wider immunization, surveillance, and outbreak responses. It further aims to sustain a polio-free world by ensuring continued access to safe and effective polio vaccines, a robust surveillance system, and an effective response to any polio event. With expected reduced funding available for polio eradication over the next years, the Action Plan advocates for integration of polio eradication efforts with related programmes on immunization, and other broader health system aspects such as disease surveillance, laboratory networks and outbreak responses.

The evaluation aims to:

  1. Document key achievements, best practices, challenges, gaps, and areas for improvement in the design and implementation of the strategic action plan;
  2. Identify the key contextual factors and changes in the global public health realm that have affected the development and implementation of the strategic action plan and the roadmap developed in 2018; and
  3. Make recommendations as appropriate on the way forward to enable the successful implementation of the plan.

We are excited to be conducting this interesting evaluation, assessing global, regional and country responses and results, levels of integration of services and transition of a vertical programme into broader health system-wide approaches.

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